Attaching documents to songs

The document types that can be opened inside of Setlist Helper are text lyrics, PDF files, and Image Files. When you open a document not supported by the app it will open it in an external viewer such as Polaris Office. The Android platform does not provide components for developers to integrate word document into their apps.

We suggest importing all your documents with Dropbox so you can share them with multiple devices.

Using dropbox with Setlist Helper for Android

Attaching Documents

You can attach documents to songs in 1 of 3 ways:

1. Import your documents.

Go to the Songs tab. Select “import” from the menu. It will create the directory on your device called “SetlistHelper”. Put all your doc, docx, rtf, image, or pdf files in that directory. It will create songs in the “Songs” tab. The name of the song will be the document file name. If you want to import from an external SD card look at Browsing for documents and audio files on your external SD card.

2. Edit the song.

There is a new field called “Document”. Click the pencil button to browse for a document and select it.

3. Attach Document in the lyrics.

If you click on a song and there are no lyrics in it you will have a button that says “Attach Document”. If you do have lyrics there will be a menu item that says Attach Document. Choose either of these options.

Opening Attached Documents

1. Click on a Song 

When you have a document attached to a Song you can click on it in the Songs tab or the Setlist Songs list and it will open the document rather than going to the lyrics page.

2. Open from the lyrics page.

The default is to open the document when you click on it in the Song list. If you want to open the lyrics page you need to click on the down arrow in the list. Select “Lyrics” then it will take you to the lyrics screen.  When you are in the lyrics screen you can open the document from the Open Document menu item.


  • As of version 3.00 you can view PDF documents in the app. They no longer open in another editor such as Adobe Acrobat. If you would like to open them in another editor you need to go to the lyrics page containing the PDF file. Then choose “Open document”.

Opening documents that are not PDF files.

  • The documents are opened in another app such as Open Office. Therefore, once you open it you are leaving Setlist Helper. To go back to Setlist Helper use the back button on your device.
  • Because you are opening the document in another app there is no support for Auto-scroll. However, the Airturn pedal should work if you wanted to move the page up or down.
  • To keep your screen on you will have to go the Android Settings > Display and adjust the Screen timeout to 10 or 30 minutes.
  • The document location on the device is synced to However, the actual document is not uploaded to the server. In the future we will provide an option upload your documents.