Attach a YouTube video to lyrics

In version 2.13 of Setlist Helper and SongBook for Android the ability to attach YouTube videos was added.

When the lyrics are attached it will get the YouTube URL also. You can play the YouTube video from the Lyrics Menu as shown below.

Play YouTube video



If you would like to edit the YouTube video URL you can navigate to the song on the Songs list. Click the down arrow and select Edit. You will see a field for YouTube URL as shown below.

Edit YouTube URL


IMPORTANT: In order for the YouTube URL to work it needs to use the “Embeded” Url just like it is shown in the picture above or{YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID}


Once you Sync your songs with you can view the YouTube videos on the website. You can also edit the YouTube video URL when you edit the song on the website.

To play the YouTube video on the website navigate to your setlist on the “Setlist” or “Setlist Songs” page. Click the “Print” button. If your song has an attached YouTube URL you will see YouTube buttons as shown below.

YouTube on the Website


As always if this feature doesn’t meet your needs. Email us at