Making your setlist public.

Making your setlist public can be useful so you can share your setlist with other people without having them log into In other words, your setlist will be view-able to anyone who has the web address to the site.

To make your setlist public follow these steps:

1. Log on to your account.

2. Go to “Setlists” and select one of your set lists.

3. Double click your setlist or click the Edit button.

4. The “Edit Setlist” dialog will appear and there will be an option that says “Make Setlist Public”. Select this option and select “Update” to update and close the dialog.

5. You will see a link in the setlist display that says “View Public Setlist”. See the arrow in the picture below.

setlist print

Make Setlist public

5. Click the “View Public Setlist” link. When the page appears you can save the page to your Web Browser favorites. If you want to send the page your friends, copy the web address and paste it into an email.