Setlist Helper for Android Updates

If you have suggestions or problems with the app please contact us at

Version 4.38

  • Fixed Bluetooth pedal problems created by the last release.
  • Fixed problems playing audio on Android 12 devices.
  • Fixed Syncing from the lyrics view menu.
  • Fixed problems with Syncing tags.
Version 4.37
  • When starting auto-scroll with a Bluetooth pedal the auto-scroll adjustment controls will show.
  • Upgrading Dropbox code to the latest version.
  • Bluetooth pedal will trigger the action on the first key down rather than the second.
  • Fixed crash when adding song to a setlist from the song view.
  • Added song key to the song catalog selector.
Version 4.36
  • Added option “Stop audio when exiting song.” in “Actions”. This will make the audio player work as it did in version 4.33.
  • Fixed Dropbox crash when importing songs.
Version 4.35
  • Final fix for Syncing devices running Android 4.x.
Version 4.34
  • Fixed crashes with audio play after the song is done playing.
  • Fixed crash when adding a song to a setlist from the song catalog.
  • Fixed problems with sync and log in on devices with Android 4.4.
Version 4.33
  • The audio player will allow you to choose another song while it is playing.
  • The PDF Viewer has been updated
  • Fixed problems with double spacing when Syncing.
  • Added and unlink button in the Dropbox file browser. This allows you to reconnect or sign in with another Dropbox account.
Version 4.32
  • Fixed Sync not updating setlist when adding songs from the song list.
  • Fixed problem with chords shifting to the left after Sync.
  • Using the back button to exit the app will ask before existing.
Version 4.31
  • Fixed the ability to change the song name.
  • Fixed problem with importing backup database.
  • Fixed problem with adding Dropbox files.

Version 4.30

  • Upgraded purchase functionality. Your purchase will be recognized when the app starts.
  • Made scroll speed Sync by adding it to the lyrics. You may need to adjust the scroll speed again to make it Sync.
  • Improved lyric search. Updates to lyric search can be made without creating a new release. – Fixed user registration so Sync occurs after a successful registration.
  • Fixed crash when loading Dropbox browser.

Version 4.20

  • Audio player runs as a service. This allows the audio to play while that app is in the foreground.
  • Updated PDF viewer. This should resolve crashes associated with PDF files.
  • Fixed lyric search. Also, the performance of the lyric search should improve.

Version 4.19.3

  • Fixing performance of the app.

Version 4.19.2

  • Upgrading required Android features needed for Android 11.

Version 4.19.1

  • Fixed problem with adding new song and getting an error message.
  • Updated lyric search to prevent security message.

Version 4.19

  • Fixed issues with Sync not completing and not Syncing all the data.
  • Fixed auto-scroll speed getting reset when editing the lyrics.

Version 4.18

  • Fixed problem opening documents such as PDF files.

Version 4.17

  • Fixed lyric search so it takes you to search results.

Version 4.16

  • Added support for importing and exporting songs on Android 10 from the internal SD card.
  • Improved importing and exporting songs.

Version 4.15

  • Fixed opening documents in external apps. For example, open Word documents from the song list in your Word viewer.
  • We are working on importing from your internal SD card issue on Android 10 only. Please use import from Dropbox which we recommend over importing from the SD card so you can view the files on multiple devices.

Version 4.14

  • Fixed Dropbox import after breaking it in 4.13. Previously 500 was the limit to import. You can import the full folder now.
  • Fixed Dropbox file explorer to show more than 500 files.
  • Fixed issues with transpose.
  • Transpose will change German notation H chords. However, Bb = B is not implemented. If this is required by you please email support.

Version 4.13

  • Fixed issues with pause during auto-scroll not working.
  • Fixed issue with logging into Sync where the password would not work with special characters.
  • Fixed importing documents with Dropbox on Android 10. Importing from the SD card is still an issue with Android 10 and will be addressed in the next release.
  • Fixed lyric search dialog where the save button is not visible.
  • Fixed lyric search where videos tab is activated in Google

Version 4.12

  • Fixed Dropbox import. Previously 500 was the limit to import. You can import the full folder now.
  • Added {sob} and {eob} tags for chord pro. These tags are for “start of bridge” and “end of bridge”.

Version 4.11

  • Added option in Preferences to turn off Lyric Search prompt.
  • If you are having problems with lyrics search find this option at the bottom of the Preferences and turn it off.

Version 4.10

  • Fixed issue with lyric search on older Android versions. This fixes the white screen.
  • Fixed issues with lyric search bunching up lyrics from Google lyrics.
  • Added convert to chord pro on the lyric edit page.

Version 4.09

  • Fixed issues with chords bunching up when doing a lyric search.

Version 4.08

  • Lyric search asks for Song Name and Artist. This will allow you to import lyrics that are found but the Song Name and Artist are not.
  • Added ‘Add to Setlist’ menu option when you tap the circle next to the song.
  • Added ‘Add to Tag’ menu option when you tap the circle next to the song.

Version 4.07

  • The metronome will not be shown during breaks or if the tempo is 0.
  • Fixed problem with the highlight color not saved.
  • Added,,, and to the lyrics search.
  • Added the other field to the preferences so can be shown in the song list.
  • Fix pause message not appearing after exiting out of a song.

Version 4.06

  • Fixed issues with Open Document when the document is on the external SD card.
  • Fixed issues where Share from the lyrics menu would not work.

Version 4.05

  • Added option for the bluetooth pedal to execute the play button actions. This will allow you to do multiple actions at once such as audio and auto-scroll.
  • Added support for Airturn 6 pedal Bluetooth device.
  • Added a stop button to lyric search in case a page is taking too long to load but you see lyrics.
  • Lyric search improvement in finding lyrics.
  • Fixed song export.
  • Made break note text larger.
  • Added original yellow highlight to lyric preferences and set this as the default for highlight.
  • Adjusted the audio player controls so Play/Pause button has more room from the seek bar.

Version 4.04

  • Fixed issues with lyrics search and Also improved lyric search.
  • Fixed several crashes.

Version 4.03

  • Added more sounds to the metronome and fixed issues with timing.
  • Fixed issue with importing backup database not getting restored.
  • Added original yellow highlight to lyric preferences and set this as the default for highlight.

Version 4.02

  • Fixed issue with saved zoom not working.
  • Eliminated horizontal scrolling when using “Change View Scale“.

Version 4.01

  • Fixed issue where metronome was not at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Made the metronome sound consistent across devices. Email support if you still need it louder.
  • Fixed issue with audio player not appearing when swiping to the next song.

Version 4.00

  • Improved metronome.
  • Play metronome for X beats when it is started.
  • Added Sync view to show the details of Sync.
  • Added automation actions when tapping the play button.
  • Added the ability to change the color of a highlight in Lyric Preferences.
  • Added the ability to insert a song while you are viewing a setlist song.
  • Fixed scrolling by a quarter page with Bluetooth devices.
  • When your device is rotated the Song Selector view will maintain the checked songs.
  • Saved scroll speeds are sync’ed to the cloud.
  • Provided the ability to turn off double tap to start lyrics.
  • Sharing the HTML lyrics after transpose didn’t have the transposed chords.
  • Removing Save from transpose in favor of always saving.

Version 3.86

  • Removed special system characters on the database backup name. The colon is replaced with a dash.
  • Fixed save zoom with PDF files. It didn’t open the PDF to the correct scale.
  • Fixed pause auto-scroll timer message closing too soon.

Version 3.85

  • Fixed start auto-scroll when opening lyrics with lyrics in a setlist.
  • Prompted for permissions to read and write to the sdcard when you open the app. Fixes several issues on Android 8.0 and greater.
  • Attempting to fix crashes when opening documents. We can’t reproduce but I am getting reports.
  • Removed the metronome button from lyrics activity action bar. Add it back in the preferences if you want it.
  • Fixed rendering issues with certain PDF files. Updated the PDF viewer so this may fix other issues too.
  • When log in expires every 30 days it ask you to log in instead of Sync failure.

Version 3.83

  • Fixed saving zoom and position with PDF files.
  • Fixed single tap to enable full screen with PDF files.
  • Fixed crash with Sync.
  • Updated German strings. Thanks to Carlo for the translations.

Version 3.82

  • Fixed crash when opening documents that open in another app such as Word documents.

Version 3.81

  • Upgraded PDF viewer to resolve crashes.
  • Fixed other crashes reported in Google Play.

Version 3.80

  • Upgraded PDF viewer. Some of your Save Zoom and Auto-scroll settings, for PDF files only, will change a little. Sorry for the inconvenience but it was necessary to upgrade.
  • Changes needed to authentication to when you Sync. Everyone will need to log in again when they Sync. After that you will need to log in every 30 days.
  • Fixed problems with transpose not keeping extended chords such as Bm7b5.
  • Getting songs in batches of 50 from the server to help with server load.
  • Updated code to the ‘pause’ auto-scroll feature. Let me now if you have issues.
  • Changed the database backup name to use ISO date format yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm’Z’
  • Fixed Bluetooth problem where the page would not turn when scrolled to the bottom
  • Fixed issue where all songs didn’t export

Version 3.76
Fixed issues with transpose.
Made Pinch and Zoom the default in the preferences.
Made ultimate guitar search show loading text correctly.
Made PDF files adhere to the ‘Scroll amount’ in the Bluetooth Pedal preferences.

Version 3.75

  • Added hot spots to the top left and right of the lyrics view to zoom lyrics with word wrap.
  • Fixed issues with spaces in lyrics.
  • Fixed key and tempo of lyrics getting pushed off screen.
  • Added ultimate guitar back to lyrics search.

Version 3.74

  • Replaced ‘Save Zoom’ with ‘Change Scale’. Go to for details.
  • Fixed bugs with transpose.
  • Remove from Lyric Search. You can get ultimate guitar tabs from the search.

Version 3.73

  • Fixed crash when adding songs from the song catalog.

Version 3.72

  • Sorted dropbox files and folders alphabetically in the File Chooser.
  • Modified Song Catalog Selector to add files in the order you check them.
  • Song Import now imports JPEG files.
  • Modified User Registration page.
  • On lyrics page added option to send lyrics or chord pro in the lyrics menu.
  • Remove elyrics as a lyric search option. It will still work with the Google search.

Version 3.71

  • Fixed problem attaching audio in Lyric view.
  • Fixed problem attaching documents in Lyric view.
  • Fixed problem attaching a picture in song edit.

Version 3.70

  • Fixed problems with Dropbox.
  • Fixed issues where dropbox files don’t update files.

Version 3.69

  • Fixed issue with importing or selecting files from the /mnt/sdcard directory. Converted this path to [InternalSDCard].

Version 3.68

  • Attempting to fix the Sync issues. Changed the name of the server to resolve DNS caching problems.
  • Fixing the broken help menu.

Version 3.67

  • Use this option if you are having trouble Syncing: Added preference to use http for Sync.
  • Fixed problem with importing pdf files from the internal sd card.

Version 3.66

  • Fixed problem with importing lyrics from the internal SD card on some devices.
  • Fixed problems with lyric search.
  • Added Google music to the lyric search.

Version 3.65

  • Fixed problem where the first song would always open in the song list.

Version 3.64

  • Fixed Permission Denied error when browsing for the external SD card.
  • Fixed crash with Galaxy Tab 3 device
  • Fixed crash when opening the app on some devices.

Version 3.63

  • Fixed PDF auto-scroll being in reverse.
  • Added more PDF scroll speeds. If you want to keep your scroll speeds go to the preferences and check ‘Use legacy auto-scroll’.
  • Hiding the sequence number removes the space where the sequence number is.
  • Added variable for the external SD card [ExternalSDCard] so it can be used on multiple devices. Re-import your files to use the variable they will not be duplicated if they have the same file name.
  • In the directory browser If you receive a permission denied on a saved directory it will open the root drive.
  • Enabled Save button in the directory/file browser when opening a saved directory.
  • Added preference to start auto-scroll when the song opens.
  • Sequence number is hidden for setlist breaks.

Version 3.62

  • Fixed problems with swiping lyrics in Songs and Tags view.
  • Fixed problem with going to the wrong song after lyric search.
  • Fixed problem with removing a song from a setlist.

Version 3.61

  • Removed the swipe lyrics in Songs and Tags because of issue.

Version 3.60

  • You can swipe lyrics in the Songs and Tags view now. Previously you could only do this in a setlist.
  • Added the ability to re-import documents and map them to a different directory without duplicating them.
  • Fixed issues that caused Empty Lyrics to appear in a setlist.
  • Prepended Capo in the {capo} tag.
  • Stopped white flash when paging lyrics in dark mode.

Version 3.59

  • Fixed problems with lyric formatting.
  • Removed seekbar from metronome view.
  • Added capo chord pro tag.
  • Auto-capitalized song names in the song edit.
  • Added faster auto-scroll speeds.

Version 3.58

  • Adjusted scroll speeds. Upgraded users won’t be forced to use new scrolling.
    If you want to use the new scroll speeds open the main menu, select preferences, and uncheck
    Use Legacy Scrolling.
  • The file/directory browser saves the last directory used.
  • Added ‘Show’ menu item for lyrics. This will show hide chords, lyrics, tempo, key, and title.
  • Fixed highlighted text with {soh}{eoh} in dark theme.
  • Fixed -505 error when installing this app with some other apps.
  • Added option to show/hide the sequence number is the setlist songs view.
  • Removed duplicate songs when filtering the Setlist Song selector by tags.
  • Browse document and browse image icons are visible on the song edit page while using the dark theme.

Version 3.57

  • Adjusted scroll speeds to be slower. Please email if it doesn’t work for you.
  • Fixed crashes reported to Google.
  • Fixed problems with the small/light theme.

Version 3.56
Updated the look of the app.
Fixed problems with auto-scroll stopping in the middle of the song.
Added time counter to the audio player.
Lyrics with chords are converted to chordpro format in the Google Search.
App translated to dutch. Thanks Hans!
Fixed an Issue causing dropbox sync to crash the app in android API 19 and earlier.
Fixed an issue causing dropbox file lists to turn up empty when too many files were in there.

Version 3.55
Fixed problems with lyric search option.

Version 3.54
Fixed ordering problem when adding songs to the end of the setlist.
Backup and restore your setlist helper database in the Preferences.
Fixed importing ultimate guitar from Google search.
Removed Still need to fix this.
Added option to move to next page after scrolling to the end with a bluetooth pedal.

Version 3.53
Added Filter by Tags menu item in the Song catalog so you can filter by multiple tags.
Song catalog selector can filter songs by tags when adding songs to a setlist.
Fixed filtering songs already in the setlist when adding songs from your catalog.
Added preference for PDF Theme so you can choose to invert the colors of the PDF.
Added preference for scroll up/down amount with the Airturn pedal. Default is full page.
Limited text in the Setlist songs header. This prevents the header from getting larger than it should.

Version 3.52
Fixed crash when adding or updating a song or break.
Several other fixes for stability of the app based on reports to Google.

Version 3.51
Fixed crash with lyrics search.
Hide keyboard when the lyric search starts.
Fixed Show/Hide deactivated songs.

Version 3.50
Added Tags section that allows you to tag songs for better organization.
Added alphabet fast scroller in the song catalog.
Auto-scroll speed and Save Zoom settings are Sync’ed.
Added new list sizes, Extra small and Extra large.
Fixed problems with single files import and dropbox.
PDF files are black with white text if you are using the Dark theme.
Fixed crash with Android devices running Android 3.0.
Fixed problem with importing lyrics from Ulitmate Guitar. The leading spaces are no longer removed.
Removed complete full screen from lyrics so you can see the time.
Airturn pedal scrolls lyrics by a couple of lines in lyrics only not PDF. Previously it was scrolling a full page.

Version 3.36
Added the song title to the top action bar of the lyrics page. It used to say ‘Lyrics’ not the song name.
Turned off automatic auto-scroll when paged is opened. Let me know if you want this as a feature.

Version 3.35
Fixed problem with purchase detection when you are offline.

Version 3.34
Fixed paging with setlist songs. Breaks were not counted in the page total.
Added back single tap to go to full screen.

Version 3.33
Position of the PDF is saved when you Save Zoom.
Position and scale of Saved Zoom Sync’ed to
Fixed the Airturn pedal preferences. You will need to adjust Pedal 1.
Fixed lyrics spacing problems in chordpro files.
Added more lyric search options in the search.
Removed double tap event on PDF so it doesn’t zoom.
Removed full screen on single tap.
Fixed setlist count on the setlist page.
Alphabet index shown when moving scroll bar with your finger on Songs activity.
Accent beat of the metronome is saved.

Version 3.31
Fixed save zoom for PDF files.
Fixed problem with PDF files opening scrolled down in landscape.
Made Airturn pedal start and stop autoscroll if the option is selected in the preferences.

Version 3.30
Added dropbox support.
Added save zoom for PDF files
Fixed crash when logging into different accounts
Document and audio location are stored in the exported files so they can be backed up.
Lyrics are always exported to your documents directory before Sync so they are backed up
Fixed highlight font color in dark mode.
Fixed toolbar jumping when auto-scroll is finished.
Audio starts playing if auto-scroll is started with Airturn pedal.

Version 3.19
Fixed issues with transpose and using flats.
Fixed issue with transpose and using flats when switching songs in a setlist.
Removed title bar from Songs. Use {title} instead.
Added previous/next songs to the title bar in setlists.
Added lyric highlight tag to lyrics {soh}{eoh}.
Improved full screen. Single tap lyric goes to full screen. Removed full screen button.

Version 3.18
Fixed page up with PDF files using a bluetooth pedal.
Lyrics page down and page up with bluetooth pedal.

Version 3.17
Fixed crash on Lyrics Search page.

Version 3.16
Fixed crash on Android 5.0 when selecting setlist songs.
Fixed crash with lyric search.
Fixed PDF render problems.

Version 3.15
Crash when opening large image files fixed. Email if you continue to have problems.
Added b or # option when transposing lyrics.
Resolved issues with lyrics search crashing.
Fixed Android 3.2 crash when the app is opened.

Version 3.12
Fixing importing lyrics with with uppercase file extensions.
Fixed crash with Android 3.x devices.
Fixed documents not opening if the file name contained apostrophe.

Version 3.10
New app navigation using sliding drawer list. Slide left-to-right (open), right-to-left (close), or tap the top left button.
Auto-scroll PDF supported.
Image files are supported in the app. They can be paged in the setlist view.
Improved lyric search. Search more sites with Google.
Upgraded PDF viewer to resolve bugs.
Duplicate songs are not created when re-importing lyrics.
Metronome changes tempo when paging.

Version 3.09
Fixing issues with chord spacing when using {sot}{eot}.
Fixing problems when a lyric starts with a keyword such as “society”:”soc”.
Adjusted default font settings.

Version 3.08
Fixing issues with chord spacing in lyrics.
Fixed pause not working in the dark theme.
Made Airturn pedal work with PDF files.
Fix problems with Airturn pedal and sections.
Made lyric navigation sections work with {soc}{eoc}.
Updated French and German translations.
Version 3.07
Allow external SD card when browsing for Audio Files or Documents.
Added Small, Medium, and Large font sizes in the preferences for Songs and Setlists.
Improved navigation of lyrics. Tapping the top or bottom of lyrics will take you to sections.
Added paging for lyric sections.
Added full screen button to the lyrics page.
Using File Browser when adding audio files.
App is translated to French. Thanks Gilles Pelchat!.
Added French lyric site for Gilles Pelchat.
Version 3.06
Fixed importing of PDF files after song containing PDF is deleted.
Version 3.05
Added support for the {pause:10} tag to lyrics to pause the auto-scroll
Turned off word wrap when editing lyrics.
Version 3.04
Fixed problems displaying PDF files.
Fixed problems with import where the {title:} became the artist name.
Version 3.03
Fixed chord alignment problems in lyrics with tablature.
Added {key:} and {tempo:} when exporting songs. {key:} and {tempo:} tags are supported when importing songs.
Fixed duplicate song problem when Syncing songs.Version 3.02
Added option in Preferences to open PDF documents in your external PDF viewer.
Fixed issues reported on to Google.
Made Lucida Console (monospace font) the default font for tablature.
Added Artist name to the Song Catalog selector.
Version 3.00
View PDF files inside the app. Added ability to use Metronome and Audio player with PDF files.
Double tap lyric screen to start autoscroll. Includes full screen mode.
Translation to portuguese (Thanks to Victor Zampieri!).
Lyric Preferences can adjust the size of tablature.
Added more chord pro tags for Key, Tempo, and Tablature when editing lyrics.
Added the ability to edit Title, Tempo, and Song Key when saving lyrics.
Added template for new lyrics.
Added Key and Tempo in the lyrics.
Fix crash when selecting song in a setlist.
Start autoscroll with the airturn pedal.
Support for more airturn pedal configurations in the Preferences. You may need to adjust your existing settings.
Import song {key:} and {tempo:} tags.
Version 2.27
If songs are deleted from the app or web site they will not come back after Sync.
Added directory browser for documents in place of document list.
Added the ability of change the import and export directory in the Preferences.
The lyrics title will show the ‘:’ character if it is similar to this {title:John 3:16}.
Lyrics will start from the beginning after reaching the end when using the Airturn pedal.
Fixed problems with Lyric Preferences.
Deleting songs on the website is easier.

Version 2.26
Fixed lyrics search in
Added sort by Name, Gig Date, and Location in Setlists.

Version 2.25
Fixed crash when browsing for a document.
Added font types in the Lyric Preferences.

Version 2.24
Added new Lyrics Search option.
Added Danish language. Thanks Danny!
Added check for the Google Play Store to prevent crash on start up.
Fixed menus when tapping Song or Setlist details on a larger device.
Added Notes to Sort and Filter function.
Added show all option to Song Catalog select. This allows you to add the same song twice.

Version 2.23
Fixed crash when selecting a song in a setlist that contained audio.
Changed font type in the Dark Theme to match the light theme.

Version 2.22

Added time signature to metronome.
Added play metronome button in lyrics toolbar.
Added edit metronome dialog.
Fixed transpose when in the dark theme.
Fixed search.

Version 2.21
Fixed problems with text overlap in the list views.

Version 2.20
Add preference to open document after clicking a song.
Fixed lyric search import.
Add picture browse to the edit song form.
Sorted setlists by gig date.
Fixed transpose issue when transposing to Ab.
Made the size of the text in the setlist and song views larger on a tablet.
The home page will verify app purchase.
Air turn pedal scrolls lyrics down more.

Version 2.19
Added Greek translations, thanks Babis!
Adding flashing beat to the metronome.
Adding a mute button to the metronome.
Fixed saved transpose value. There was a problem in the Setlist-Songs.

Version 2.18
Fixed issue with saving transpose. After saving the song attributes the transpose value would get reset.
Fixed import document. There was problem with file names containing single quotes.

Version 2.17
Added basic metronome to the lyrics page.
Fixed import document so it will not import documents already added.

Version 2.16
Fixed issue with adding a document to a new song.
Fixed transposing bass chords. For example, A/G.
Fixed audio browse when attaching audio on the lyrics page.

Version 2.14
Added the ability to attach documents (PDF, DOC, and RTF) and open them in a exteral viewer.
Added Transpose to a different key in the lyrics view.
The scroll speed is now displayed when you edit it.
Increased the number of lines the Airturn pedal scrolls down or up.

Version 2.13
Add ability to play YouTube videos. 
Added new lyric search engine This will add the YouTube video from the lyrics.
Made Audio Path editable so it can be deleted.
Fixed crash during in-app purchase.

Version 2.12
Font settings for comments are now saved.
Audio selector dialog clipped songs at the bottom. All songs are now shown.
“Other” song attribute is now shown in the Setlist Songs.
Added back button to lyric search.

Version 2.11
Added the ability to adjust font color, size, weight, and more in the Lyric Preferences.
Fixed chord pro bugs:
– Better spacing if a chord is in the middle of a word\
– Retain spacing if the line only has chords.

Version 2.10 

Added the ability to adjust font sizes in the Lyric Preferences.
Added option to not word wrap when zooming in the Lyric Preferences.

Version 2.9 
Fixed crash with auto-scroll on devices not using Android 4.0 or above.
Fixed issue when playing audio on songs without audio attached.
Song tempo is sync’ed correctly with

Version 2.7
Added the ability to attach and play audio loaded on the device.
Auto-scroll crashes fixed.
Main screen icons are bigger on a tablet.
Lyric text is larger on a tablet.
Fix lyric zoom. On some devices the view would snap back.
Search for lyrics did not work on Android 4.2 devices.
Notes and Other song attributes get updated in the list after they are modified.
Fixed issues with Airturn bluetooth pedal not responding correctly.

Version 2.6
Added Sort to the Song Catalog.
Added Filter to the Song Catalog.
Adjusted the height and width of the Lyric edit screen.
Editing tab is aligned better with fixed width font.

Version 2.5

– Fixed Airturn bluetooth pedal support for page down/scroll next.
– Changed navigation in the app. Click the list will take you to the next screen. Click the “list button” to get menu options.
– Added preferences to show/hide any of the song item values.
– Added “Other” field that can be used for anything.
– Added a Deactivate setlist option.
– Added menu options to Show/Hide deactivated songs and setlist.
– Fixed lyric editing. Large lyrics were not showing the last 2 lines of lyircs.

Version 2.4

-Improved auto-scroll. Scrolling is smoother and scrolling will stop at the end of the page. The side effect is saved scrolling speeds will need to be saved again.
-Back button on the lyrics screen didn’t work. This is fixed.
-Lyric formatting added too many lines between paragraphs.
-Button at the top left of screen now takes you to the home screen on every page.

Version 2.3
-Added support for to search for lyrics.
-Added a preference to keep the backlight on or off for Setlist Songs and Lyrics.

Version 2.2
-Added support and preferences for the Airturn pedal

-Fixed bug where adding songs in the middle of the setlist didn’t work.

-Fixed bug where editing the song deleted the lyrics.

Version 2.1

Updated German strings
Fixed issue with not getting the paid for features after purchasing in the app

Version 2.0
-Added Lyrics search feature. Click the following link for more information
-Fixed various bugs

Version 1.9

Landing page added.
Added “Sync” menu to the lyrics page
Fixed bugs

Version 1.8
Added support for Umlauts and other special characters when Syncing.
Fixed bug with Sync when Sample Setlist was deleted it didn’t sync correctly.
Fixed Auto-scroll toolbar with the Dark theme.
Fixed German strings that were not translated.

Version 1.7
Added a “preference” menu option to change the theme. Also added Dark theme
Localized the Setlist Helper app to German (de) thanks to Frank from the band Glenrock.

Version 1.6
Fixed issues with Lyrics
-Comments are rendered correctly and in italic font.
-Guitar tabs render correctly. Previously they had large gaps in between strings.

Version 1.5
Fixed bug with Sync to

Version 1.4
-Updated pricing. The app will be a one time purchase rather than subscription based.
-Save pinch to zoom setting in lyrics view

When you pinch to zoom the lyrics to make the text bigger you can save the zoom so it will have the same look next time you open the lyrics.

-Save auto-scroll speed for Lyrics

When you adjust the speed of the auto-scroll you can save the speed. Next time you start auto-scroll it will use the saved speed.