Changing the font settings

With version 2.11 of Setlist Helper and Songbook for Android you can change the font settings as described below.

NOTE: These font settings are sync’ed to the web. However, the settings are stored per device. This means that your phone and tablet will can have different settings. This is helpful if you need to uninstall and reinstall the app on the same device it will keep your settings. This does mean that you will need to customize your fonts for each device you own. Email us at if you would like this to change.

Changing the font settings

To change the font settings go to the lyrics of any song. Choose the Lyric Preferences from the menu shown below.

Lyric Preferences


After selecting the Lyric Preferences you will see the options as shown below.

Lyrics Preferences


When you make changes to any of the items it will immediately update the lyrics.

Currently you can update the following lyric parts:

  • Lyrics Font –  The font of the lyrics
  • Chord Font – The font of the chords
  • Section Header – The header font such as [Chorus] or [Verse]
  • Song Title Font –  The font of the song title
  • Comment – The font of the comments.  This is text in the {comment: } tag

You change the song part in the drop down as shown below.

Lyric Preferences Song Parts



Resetting the font

In the pictures above you will see a reset button. This will reset the fonts back to their original values. You get a warning before you reset just in case you didn’t want to do this.


Does this meet your needs?

Email us at if there is a font preference that you feel is missing.