Browsing for documents and audio files on your external SD card.

With version 3.07 you can browse for media on your SD card.

Using the File Browser

Choosing any of the options in the “Getting to the File Browser” section below will open the File Browser window. By default, the File Browser will open the home directory of your internal SD card.

Each device may differ on how to browse to the external SD card.

After the File Browser is open follow these steps:

1. Tap back button until you see “Location:/”. In other words, tap the back button until you don’t see it anymore.

2. Tap the “storage” folder.

3. Now you should see a folder that looks like a serial number such as CC23-0000

For devices with Android 4.4 or below:

1. Tap “Parent Directory”. This should be the first item in the File Browser list.

2. Tap “mnt”

3. Tap “extSdCard”.

“extSdCard is your external SD card that you inserted into your device. Choose the file that you want or import documents from here.


Getting to the File Browser

You can browse for audio files or documents with the File Browser in Setlist Helper.

  • In the Songs > Edit view. You can get to this with these steps:
    1. Go to the “Songs”.
    2. Tap the circle with a down arrow.
    3. Choose “Edit.
      • You can browse for documents by taping the document icon next to the “Document” field.
      • Browse for audio files by tapping the pencil next to the “Audio” field
  • On the “Lyric” screen. Follow these steps:
    1. Go to “Songs”.
    2. Tap a song in the list. This will take you to the lyric screen.
    3. In the upper right there is a menu button.
    4. Tap the menu and you can choose:
      • Attach Audio
      • Attach Document
    5. This is doing the same thing as the first option. If you follow the first option you will see the document paths on the song edit window.
  • Choose a documents directory in the preferences.
    1. On the homepage of the app tap “Preferences”
    2. Tap “Document Settings” > Documents Directory
      • This allows you to choose the directory for importing documents. See Attaching Documents for more information.