Add multiple songs

You can add more than one song at a time with the “Add multiple songs” button located on the “Song Catalog” page.

Add multiple songs to song catalog

In addition, if you are logging into for the first time you will be prompted with the “Add multiple songs” page.

“Song name”, “Artist”, and “Key” can be put into the “Add multiple songs” page. You can also add the “Song Name” only.

The correct format to put multiple songs into the “Add multiple songs” page is:

{Song name}, {Artist name}, {Song Key}

For example the text below will add 2 songs.

Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison, G
The Middle, Jimmy Eat world, C


add multiple songs page


The “,” can be replaced with another type of delimiter such as a “Tab”. You can insert a “Tab” between the “Song Name” and “Artist Name” by pressing the “Tab” key on your keyboard. Using the “Tab” is useful if you wanted to copy several songs from a spreadsheet, such as Google docs or Microsoft Excel, and paste the songs into the “Add multiple songs” page.

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