Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® features Setlist Helper

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® – by Main Street Dream Makers 

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® was THE first commercially available and affordable teleprompter in the USA developed with musicians specifically in mind. Our products have been serving musicians of all sorts from acts that perform 4 gigs a year to international touring acts with upwards of 240 shows worldwide.  Our customers are 18 to 82 years old and we have been providing THE Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® SINCE 2009.  Call us at 303-842-6308 for more information or to get one of your very own.

We now have only one model and they come pre-loaded with SetList Helper.  Our design has a 24″ diagonal Touch Screen tablet that uses an adjustable stand to present the screen to the artist at just the right angle. To the left is our  24″ product.

Below are a few pictures of the TELEMONITOR showing the adjustable stand that is attached to the back of the Tablet.

Affordably priced at $599 plus prepaid shipping.  We only ship within the Continental 48 Contiguous United States. 



The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® 24 Touch only takes a few minutes to set it up. If you are interested in finding out more information on these products or how to get one, Call 303-842-6308 for more information.

Give us a call if you want one of these beauties.  Call 303-842-6308, or send an email to Wolfgang TELEMONITOR  Stock is limited.

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