Chopro format support supports Chopro format. This is also know as Chordpro format. Below are the supported directives.

Look at for a great tool to convert chords that are above lyrics to chordpro format.

Check out  for a nice chord pro editor.

The directives listed below are wrapped in (‘{‘ and ‘}’). Upper or lower case is not significant:

{title: title string} ({t:string})
Title of the song.
{subtitle: subtitle string} ({su:string})
Specifies a subtitle for the song that will be displayed below the title.
{key: x

The key of the song
{tempo: x

The tempo of the song.
{start_of_chorus} ({soc})
Indicates the start of a chorus. This will show “Chorus” in bold, indent the chorus, and add a black line to the left of the chorus so it can be identified easier.
{end_of_chorus} ({eoc})
Marks the end of a chorus.
{comment: string} ({c:string})
Shows the string following the colon as a comment. Don’t confuse this with the # sign comment. # sign comments are not shown
Used to pause auto-scroll in the app. Replace xx with seconds or minutes.
This is only for the web site only. Add the {pagebreak} tag to your lyrics to make the printer go to a new page when printing.
{start_of_tab} ({sot})
Indicates the start of a guitar tab section. The text will be formatted in a fixed-width font until the end_of_tab directive appears. This can be useful for creating a tab drawing with ASCII text.
{end_of_tab} ({eot})
Indicates the end of the guitar tab section.
          Start highlighting a line of lyrics
          End of highlighting lyrics

Chords are delimited by square brackets (‘[‘ and ‘]’). Sharp is indicated by a ‘#’ (hash) and flat by a ‘b’ (lowercase ‘B’). Songsheet Generator recognizes chords of the following form:

i.e. [A] [C#m7] [Bb/D]

Chord Grids

Are not supported yet. If this is something you would like to have supported please email

Comments in the file

Lines in the file that have ‘#’ as the first character are considered comments and will never be printed.


{t:Honky Tonk Women}

{st:Rolling Stones}

    I [C]met a gin soaked barroom queen in [F]Memphis,
    she tr[C]ied to take me upstairs for a r[G]ide.
    She h[C]ad to heave me right across her sh[F]oulder,
    cause [C]I just can't seem to dr[G]ink you off my m[C]ind.

It's the H[G]onky Tonk W[C]omen,
give me, give me, g[G]ive me the honky tonk bl[C]ues.

I [C]laid a divorcee in New York [F]City,
    I h[C]ad to put up some kind of a f[G]ight.
    The l[C]ady she covered me up in r[F]oses,
    she bl[C]ew my nose and th[G]en she blew my m[C]ind.

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