Getting Started with the Setlist Helper android app

To get started with the Setlist Helper Android app follow these steps.

1. Remove the Sample Setlist and Sample Songs (Optional but recommended)

The Sample Setlist and Songs are there to show you what the app can do. There are 2 areas you will need to remove items from:

  1. Setlist – Touch the sample setlist. A menu will appear then touch the “Remove” menu item. 
  2. Songs – There are 4 sample songs. Touch each sample song and select “Remove”.

2. Create an account at (optional but recommended)

You can create your account at


Register in the Android app

3. Add your songs. 

There are 3 ways to add your songs. Click on any of the links below for more information

  1. Add them at
  2. Search for lyrics
  3. Add songs Manually.
  4. Use the “Import” menu option.

Optional – Add Lyrics. This will be discussed more below.

4. Create a setlist.

  • To add a setlist click the “Setlists” button on the home page.
  • Touch the plus button. This will bring up the Setlist add page.

The Setlist name is the only thing required on the Setlist add page. However, It is good to add the gig date and gig time for future reference. 

5. Add songs and breaks to your setlist.

There are 2 types of items you can add to the setlist.

  1. Songs – You can add all the details of the song or just the song name. 
  2. Breaks – These are breaks that you may take or time that you will talk to your audience.

6. Add lyrics to Songs

Add lyrics to a song by touching on the song. A menu will appear. Select the “Lyrics” menu button.

This will take you to the lyrics screen. There you can type your lyrics.

You can also add lyrics at This is much easier to do on your desktop computer.

Setlist Helper supports Chord Pro format. More information can be found  about chord pro format by clicking the following link chord pro format.

A great place to get lyrics in Chord Pro format is

9. Sync your songs and setlists

On the home page, there is a “Sync” button. Click this and all your songs and setlists can be seen on Also, any edits from the website will be brought to the app.

To learn how to use Setlist Helper for Android with the Airturn hands-free page-turning pedal click here.
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