Import and Export Lyrics in Setlist Helper for iOS

Importing lyrics on your Apple device

Import should be used if you have chord pro or text files that you want to import into the app. Only chord pro or text files are supported. PDF files will be supported in a future version.

Connect your device and open iTunes on your PC or Mac. Tap the device icon in the upper left.

itunes Device Icon

Click on to the “File Sharing”.

ITunes File Sharing

Click the Add… button and add a folder from your PC or Mac that contains chord pro files or text files.

Open the app on your device and go to the “Songs” list.

Tap the button in the bottom right with 3 vertical dots.

Choose “Import”.

You should see a list of files that you can import. Choose the files that you want to import then select “Import”. After the import is finished you will see the import songs in your song list.


Exporting your lyrics

To export lyrics tap the button with the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right of the Songs list. Choose “Export”. After you do this all your songs will be exported to chord pro in a folder called “exportedChordPro”. You can find this folder by going to File Sharing in iTunes described above.

You may notice that you already have this folder. Every time you Sync the app will export your lyrics. This is one way of backing up your lyrics only.

After you export the “chord pro” files you can send them to another user that has Setlist Helper to import.