Lyric and setlist printing enhanced.

More options have been provided for printing setlists and lyrics.

1. Adjust the font type and font size of the setlist text.

2. Print settings moved to the print page for both Lyrics and Setlists.

3. New Lyrics format

  • Adding lyrics to the song is easier to do. You can add lyrics without having to format them. Setlist Helper will format them for you.
  • Create chord charts by placing [{chord name }] in your lyrics. This will place the chord above the lyrics. For example “[C]Rock and roll” will place the ‘C’ chords above ‘Rock and roll’.
  • Highlight song parts such as Chorus and Verse.

4. Printing setlist with lyrics has moved.

  • Prior to this enhancement there was a ‘Print with lyrics’ option on the ‘Setlists’ and ‘Setlist Songs’ page. This option has been removed. Showing the lyrics of the setlist has been moved to ‘Print settings’ on the print page.

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