Site updates Dec 28, 2012 has been enhanced with some new features that were requested by a user

  • Show tempo in the printed view of the setlist.
  • Show/Hide set breaks in the printed version of the setlist
  • Insert a page break before or after each set break. This will make each set print to a new page. Therefore, if you have 3 sets each set will print to a new page.

You can get to these features by going to the setlist and clicking on the “Print” button. On this page there is a “Print Settings” checkbox. Click that check box to show the print settings. The image below will show where to find the new options.


Setbreak and tempo


  1. Hi,

    Entered Tempi for all songs, but they didn’t show up in the print version of the setlist, though marked.
    Our setlist:

    Any Idea? Thx,

  2. This is fixed on the web site. The tempo shows up when you print.


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