Site updates Oct 2012

The has had some much needed updates. I hope they will be useful to you.

Export Song Catalog and Setlist

You can export the entire song catalog in Html or CSV format. Either of these formats can be opened in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. See the circled area below.

In addition, there is an export button on the Setlist Song tab and Setlist tab. This will export the songs in the setlist only. The Setlist Song export is shown below.


Search the Song Catalog

The Song Catalog can be searched on the Song Catalog tab or the Setlist Song tab. The picture below shows where the search field is for the Song Catalog.


The Song Catalog can also be searched on the Setlist Songs tab. This is useful if you have a large Song Catalog so you can find songs easily. See the picture below.


View the Song Key in the Song Catalog and Setlist Songs tab

This was a small change to show the Key column in the tables of the Song Catalog and Setlist Songs tab.


You may need to delete your browsers history (Cache) in order to see these features.


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