Sweetwater Set Maker is no longer supported

Sweetwater posted on their site for SetMaker 2.0 that it is no longer supported. Setlist Helper offers all of the features of SetMaker and more with the support that you need to build set lists for your performances. In addition, Setlist helper provides users an Android app to view their songs and setlists on the go. If you would like to convert your songs and setlists from Sweetwater SetMaker to Setlist Helper email us at support@setlisthelper.com for any assistance. 


  1. One feature I would really appreciate is being able to import songs and lyrics from a folder of songs (my fakebook) in word/ pdf/ odt…whichever format is easiest for the programmer. Also, being able to keep that formatting as wysiwyg would be great too.

    Fantastic app, a big help already, and I only got it today, using it tonight!

  2. Take a look at version 2.15 of Setlist Helper for Android. You can import your sheet music in pdf format. You can also attach word documents to song. Click this link for more information.

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