Metronome for iOS

Version 2.5 of Setlist Helper for iOS introduced the Metronome.

Go to the lyrics on one of the songs by tapping the song in the song list. At the bottom of the lyrics, there is a clock icon.

clock Icon for metronome

Tap the clock to start the metronome.


The bottom left shows the tempo and a plus and minus button to adjust the tempo. Adjusting the tempo here will save the tempo of the song. The square button will stop the tempo.

The dots on the bottom right will blink depending on the beat that is playing. The larger dot represents beat one. The default time signature is 4/4. If you change the time signature the number of dots will change. For example, if the time signature is 6/8 you will see 6 dots. To change the time signature you need to edit the song details. Go back to the song list and tap the circle next to the song to edit the song details.

You will notice the top of the view with the title will blink when the metronome is active.

You can make the Play button in the upper right start the metronome by adjusting the “Configure Play Button” actions. In addition, the number of auditable beats can be set in the “Configure Play Button” actions.